Buying Music? Get Free Stuff.


You like music and live honestly, so you pay for your tunes. You could subscribe to a streaming service like Pandora, you could buy digital music files (from Amazon or iTunes, for example), or if you’re “old school,” you can buy real, actual CDs.

If you buy CDs from Amazon, here’s a tip: Many CDs come from Amazon with something called “AutoRip.” AutoRip gives you MP3 (digital music) files of your CD online, so you can listen immediately. You get immediate gratification while you wait for your old-fashioned CDs to arrive in the mail.

Want free stuff? Choose “No-Rush” shipping at checkout, and Amazon usually gives you a $1 credit for digital music, movies, or books, or sometimes a free Amazon Pantry delivery. Since you get access to your music through AutoRip immediately, you don’t lose anything by waiting a few extra days for your CD, and you get a little something extra.

Thanks, Amazon!


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