A Racer’s Brain Injury, Explained

Thanks to https://youtu.be/HgmQe-HXP9w

One of our favorite writers, Stef Schrader, is an amazing character. Her unique writing highlights her enthusiasms for cars and motorsports, her quirky humor, and her humanity.

Unfortunately, Stef suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) during a race. She generously explains what she’s going through, even though writing itself was much more difficult with a brain injury. There’s some great information on how the medical community is adapting to new discoveries about brain injuries and what it means for patients.

Stef covers what motorsports are doing to protect and support drivers (much more, it turns out, than the NFL has.) For example, NASCAR, IMSA and IndyCar now require cognitive testing at the beginning of a season, so that if a driver suffers a brain injury they can re-test them and determine what functions have been impaired using the pre-season baseline for comparison. Stef quotes Dale Earnhardt Jr. in USA Today:

When you get into an accident, you can take this test again and find out exactly what is happening to your brain if things don’t feel right. This test can pinpoint where in the brain you’re struggling, what kind of injury you have, what kind of things you can do to rehab and to recover. It helped me a lot.

We’re fortunate that Stef applied her considerable writing gifts to a difficult personal experience. It’s one that thousands of people can relate to, so please give it a read.

What A Race Car Crash Does To Your Brain

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