Voting: A How-To Guide

You might have heard there’s a U.S. election tomorrow. No?

There’s an election tomorrow.

With all the local candidates and initiatives and statewide candidates and initiatives (California has 17 initiatives!) on top of the national candidates, figuring out how to cast your vote is tough. Fortunately, if you’re in California, Illinois, or New York, there’s help!


Voter’s Edge brings together information about who’s for, who’s against, and who’s paying. With a few clicks you can see how much money came from within the state versus out of state, and who the biggest funders are. You can see which candidates participated and provided information, and read impartial analysis. In fact, Voter’s Edge will walk you through everything you’re asked to vote for, and provide you a summary at the end of how you decided to vote, which you can print out and take the polls with you.

It’s nonprofit, and probably as unbiased as these things get. Use it, and feel smugly efficient about being responsible in much less time, thanks to Voter’s Edge.

So, do the research, and vote.

Unless you’re stupid or evil. Then don’t.

Bonus: The San Francisco Zoo is making election day more tolerable by live-streaming red pandas all day. So, kudos to them, and enjoy.

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