Racing for Laughs: The 24 Hours of LeMons

You’ve seen auto racing, or at least Top Gear* on TV, and maybe you’ve even been to a professional race. But did you know about the amateur races that are just as much fun, without the crowds? Those elaborate tracks can't sit idle between the big races, so they host other activities like driving schools, … Continue reading Racing for Laughs: The 24 Hours of LeMons

Tesla Model (bug)S

I'm not Tesla-bashing, this is just a minor rant about the growing pains of an ambitious, complicated product. I’m a big fan of what Tesla’s doing (though not as much the minivan Model X), but like any complex product, the Model S has its issues. It’s a great car in many ways--astonishingly so given Tesla’s short history. But … Continue reading Tesla Model (bug)S

A Racer’s Brain Injury, Explained

One of our favorite writers, Stef Schrader, is an amazing character. Her unique writing highlights her enthusiasms for cars and motorsports, her quirky humor, and her humanity. Unfortunately, Stef suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) during a race. She generously explains what she's going through, even though writing itself was much more difficult with a … Continue reading A Racer’s Brain Injury, Explained