Simple Security: First in a Series

Security on the internet is...complicated. Even for experts. You probably know people who've had their computer infected, passwords stolen, junk email sent from their account, or other awful things that are inconvenient (like locked accounts) or even life-changing (like stolen identities). People often ask me for help securing their computers. Actually, that’s not true; people … Continue reading Simple Security: First in a Series

Voting: A How-To Guide

You might have heard there's a U.S. election tomorrow. No? There's an election tomorrow. With all the local candidates and initiatives and statewide candidates and initiatives (California has 17 initiatives!) on top of the national candidates, figuring out how to cast your vote is tough. Fortunately, if you're in California, Illinois, or New York, there's help! … Continue reading Voting: A How-To Guide

Thorough Reviews: The Wirecutter and The Sweethome

It’s challenging to find credible reviews for gadgets like TVs, laptops, printers, headsets, office chairs, etc. It’s hard to know what a site’s agenda is, or exactly how they’ve tested and compared. Are they paid by manufacturers to promote their gadgets? Do the reviewers have the expertise to compare the products thoughtfully? Consumer Reports Online reviews … Continue reading Thorough Reviews: The Wirecutter and The Sweethome