Elon Musk Explains

We enjoy Elon Musk because he leads teams who attack difficult, interesting, important problems. Plus he's the real-life Tony Stark from Ironman. Between SpaceX and Tesla Motors, you'd think he had plenty to keep his mind occupied, but there's a lot more going on up there. At The Explainist we love a good explanation, and Musk gives us several … Continue reading Elon Musk Explains

Buying Music? Get Free Stuff.

You like music and live honestly, so you pay for your tunes. You could subscribe to a streaming service like Pandora, you could buy digital music files (from Amazon or iTunes, for example), or if you're "old school," you can buy real, actual CDs. If you buy CDs from Amazon, here's a tip: Many CDs come … Continue reading Buying Music? Get Free Stuff.